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13.5" soft plastic stick bait that mimics an eel or a needlefish.  

Our baits change colors depending on the amount/quantity/available light given to it, and really pop at First/Last light conditions. 

Black Sapphire changes from a violet belly when viewed from the side, to a stunning sapphire color when viewed directly overhead.  

The Plurple changes from a light orchid, and has a bluish hue when viewed away from direct light.  The colors on both baits are especially noticeable in low light and darker lighting conditions, perfect for that low light and night bite presentation. The Shimmering Eel has a beautiful shade of dark green with a goldish white belly that mimics an American Eel.   Barbie Pink is flat out gorgeous, with bluish hues in both the pink and the belly section, and has landed us some brutes at first light and nighttime. 

Translucent White changes from a white base, but also has blues and orchids with super light shades of green that can be seen when it hits the water.   


Pearl, Black sapphire, Purple, Shimmering eel, Barbie pink

Gravity Tackle Eel